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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> the morning today is tuesday november 6, 2012. if this is election day and here we are. we have all the ants, interviews and issues. this all led to this moment. last minute undecided voters will be heading to the polls. >> tonight mitt romney will hold his election night rally on the stage behind me. he is going back out on the campaign trail hoping to rally and convince undecided voters. >> a high energy rally in new hampshire top off the campaign trail.
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>> your primary goal put me on the path to when your primary bolt. tomorrow your vote and your work in new hampshire will help me become the next president of the united states. >> he hit crucial states from florida, virginia and ohio. he states that he is a businessman that he knows what it takes. >> from day one i will go to get americans back to work. >> the campaign continues on election day and romney has to more meet and greet stops. a state that many state it is the key to the white house. >> pennsylvania is one and
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michigan is one. his running mate paul is end--he stated that they will keep working to keep energy go on to the polls close. >> mitt romney has been stating that his campaign appearances that he wants people to get out and vote. he cast his voted to about 10 mi. of away from where i am right now. he is open to rein in these critical electoral votes. >> it is out of my hands now and it is in your hands. the single most powerful force and our democracy is you. moving this country for begins with you. >> and the president is getting a little emotional when he was speaking in iowa
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late last night. he is in chicago today. while the nation decides whether he should spend another four years in office. the president and the first lady have already cast their votes. president joe biden plans to join president obama after he cast his vote in delaware. >> shh we are live here in oakland and governor jerry brown will be casting his vote and he is in favor of proposition 30. he stated that this will give more money to education through tax cuts. governor brown design this budget to include proposition 30 if this proposition fellows there will be triggering more cuts for education.
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$5.4 million will be cut from education and this will leave a shorter school year. >> proposition 38 is guaranteeing that the money will go to education. proposition 30 is a more wide tax increase and if both of these past will be watching waiting. >> listed at update on bay area weather. >> another hot day is on for today. the morning temperatures are sitting in the '50s. as you had to afternoon we will shake off a few degrees compared to yesterday. the fog will return in the afternoon
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hours and will have more coming up. i do want to leave would current conditions is 61 degrees right now in san francisco. i will track where these numbers are scheduled to go coming up. >> we are starting to see an early back up at the bay bridge toll plaza in the westbound direction. i have not received word that the metering lights have been activated. there is a stall on the bridge. otherwise the rest of the commute looks pretty good. i just checked in with the chp and the heaviest traffic is still confined to highway 4 and interstate 580. he even there it is not that >> california polls opened up in less than an hour at will tran is at the contra
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costa registrant's office. >> we see workers are showing up at a couple of them are turning the corner. this place is significant because it is the headquarters for contra costa county. the reason why you can come here and venture ballots and your questions answered. depending on if you qualify this to be a place where you can bolt if not it will tear you you have to go to your polling place. they stated that they will not reveal the results until 8:00 p.m. tonight. you cannot be at home checking online or at work. they are expected a lot places to be busy and that is why they are stating that you shift a larger sample ballot and take it with the to the polling place. regardless of what county you are in it will make it faster and that way your sample ballot can
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be placed next to your real ballots. they expected to be so busy that they are advising people to go mid morning or mid afternoon where the allies may be a little bit shorter. >> another good tip is that if you have a milan valid you could still filling out and just walking into a precinct. you have to do this before 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> people on the east coast have already been casting their votes. here you concede vice president joe biden casting his vote in wilmington, delaware. and the very imports state of ohio people are already starting to vote there. we have double shots on top and bottom. there is a very long line and people are lining up to vote. kron 4 will have
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our extended coverage for tonight's election coverage. we will have the starting at 8:00 p.m. and this is when the polls close and accounting will begin. we
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>> is now 6:10 a.m.. >> these are of voters
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casting their votes in raleigh, north carolina. >> while we are 50 minutes away boating is still way under way in other parts of the country. we will see what will happen and whether not any problems will come up with the state of florida. >> we're taking a look at the path to the white house. you need to hundred and 70 votes to win.270 boats to win. e
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areas in blue are for obama or a least leaning into the direction of him. the great states and the metal is the ones that are up for grabs. these are the battleground states that the candidates have been visiting. these days are still too close to call. >> let's say that romney takes florida. if he can take florida then he will have to when virginia and ohio and then this would give him 266. if he does not win ohio then he will have to when colorado's, iowa to us make up the difference. he has the steeper climb to make. >> president obama is much better off with 211 already expected to go his way. he would be just a high heel to
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win. he would just have to claim wisconsin and that will give him the victory. >> we will be back with more in a minute and the time is now 8:13 a.m..
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>> we will be a couple of degrees cooler compared to what we were yesterday. as we head into the evening hours by 8:00 p.m. all of the green will show where we will see 60's. that afternoon highs will be low 80s. he looks like cupertino would be at 80 degrees it
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will be the upper 70's for fremont. sunny skies and 80 degrees for walnut creek. 86 degrees for santa rosa and 774 downtown san francisco. 74 for downtown san francisco. showers are on tap for thursday and friday. dry weather but still on seasonably cool for the weekend. it is now 6:17 a.m.. >> there was a report of the stalled car on the bay bridge because of this. i just spoke with caltran and they stated that the tow truck arrived and it was already cleared. there is a poorly back up for the
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westbound bay bridge to drive. the drive time is at 16 minutes. if it follows the normal path it will be at 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge is the easy drive. it was construction work that was when you down earlier. let's take a look at the traffic map and it is not 18 minutes for hercules to berkeley. westbound 580 is heavy into livermore. this is typically a slow ride. the south bay freeway and 1 01 north bound--we're looking at 16 minutes for the drive time. marin county they're picking up some slowing here pass the civic center. >> wall street today close
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at 19 points. they're waiting for the outcome of today's election. the nasdaq was up 18 and is almost at 3000. the labor department will be released in job openings and the figures for the month of november. a 5% jump in home prices from september of 2011 to september 2012. mortgage giant freddie mac is making money and they posted a net and come of 2.9 million. they are not requested any additional belau money. this is their second best profitable quarter. will have more on the markets with rob black. >> we are taking you all
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live in orange county, florida. polls opened on the east coast for o'clock a.m. our time. i wanted to walk to our web site and we do have great tools available for you. this is the front page which will walk you through. if you click on this link you will be taken to the decision 2012 page. >> off to the right so that you know where to go this is a great tool for you to find your polling locations. if you can type in your address or zip code and will tell you where you can go to cast your ballot. we do have a special section where you can click on your coming and you will see all of your
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initiatives here. give this a look and we will have our special coverage with pam moore and catherine. >> a field poll is expecting that 51 percent of california's will cast their bolt my mail. the number of bolt by male succeeded to the votes that were cast it in person. the field poll also estimates that a million fewer californians will vote today than four years ago. it is estimated as 70% registered voters in california will cast their vote. the turnout was-- >> the post of facebook question on this election
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day. did you are ready have your mind made up who you were on a vote for?. i pose this question on our crime but face book page. some of you wrote in an stated. >> i was undecided early on and i voted obama last time and i have become very overwhelmed by him. it was settled. i started doing homework on the employment and i am not going to bolt from it. i am not sure that he would do the job but i am sure that obama cannot. >> i was undecided but alternately i cannot see romney wedding. i will be voting for obama. >> he does not understand the plight of middle-class people. >> i made my mind in the beginning and i never changed it. i am still have
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it. >> if you can join our conversation at faugon our face book page. you could also say updated on our web site at
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>> that astronauts will be able to cast their votes. >> we're watching the propositions on the california ballot. if the death penalty proposition as pass it will replace it with life in prison without the possibility of parole. the argument in favor of this is stating that california's that $4 million on capital punishment. with only 13 executions this is over $300
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million they have spent. according to the latest field polls only 45 percent of california is in favor of this and 38 percent are not in favor. >> ♪
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degrees warmer the what we are used to for the start of november. we will see a lot of sunshine and some records will be broken. temperatures will be a few degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. later on tonight was see some changes all the returning. tomorrow the temperatures will be 10 degrees cooler for afternoon and was the morning fog and afternoon sunshine. if you think this is a big change way to uciday. i will let you kw when you will need your umbrella. >> early activation of the meter read whites have left us with a backup.metering lights
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with a backup. we're picking up heavy traffic for the east bay ride. south bay for way is still pretty light and there are no delays for the peninsula. >> we are getting information about the propositions on the california ballot. prompt 32 will bans money taken from paychecks from been used for political purposes. those in favor stated that it will cut ties with politicians. those against it said that it only banned unions but special-interest will still be able to contribute. prop. 33 would change current law to allow insurance companies said prices whether not a driver had insurance with another company. this will allow you to change insurance companies and keep your good driver discount.
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this will allow them to raise premiums and this was a similar measure that failed on the 2010 ballot. >> governor jerry brown is in oakland and he will cast his ballot from here where he lives. he will cast his ballot in favor of proposition 33 i 30. >> the polling place is supposed to open an and half an hour. if we expect to see the governor shall appear in place has vote to. this is the resthis proposition is about school funding. we are
6:33 am
talking about a quarter cent sales tax hike. and an income tax hike. for those making over $250,000. this will give about $6 million to its general fund and it will trigger cuts from k through 12. this is why it is so important. we did have a chance to talk with the governor last night in an event in favor of proposition 38 and we also got a chance to talk to when opponent. >> the people of california care about their kids and the schools. you should keep the california future alive and vote yes on 30. >> we have incredible unemployment numbers and we have a state that is not attracting jobs. tax increases will only make matters worse. >> as i said before we are
6:34 am
expecting to see the governor show up and he is in favor of proposition 3. after that he will make remarks to the media that has assembled here and we will give you this information as soon as he is done. according to the polls 48% are in favor of proposition 30 and 38 percent are against it. >> one of the controversy arose ballots is the one in richmond. measure the end is of the sida tax. this includes brevard just that contain sweeteners. this will not apply to fruit juices or on sweet milk. >> same-sex marriage is on the ballot at several states. voters in maine, maryland and washington state will decide whether
6:35 am
not to legalize same-sex marriage. if it passes in any of these three states if this will be the first time same sex messamarriage has been legalized. it has been legalized in six states so far. >> six states have measures on their ballots about marijuana. voters in three states r having to decide whether not to legalize pot. that will allow adults to have a small amount and this will be subject to state regulation and taxes. if this passes a legal battle with the government is likely. >> kron4 will have extended coverage tonight for the election and will start at 8:00 p.m.. we will give you
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his election day. the president in chicago while the country gets out to vote to will play a game of basketball where he hopes for a repeat. the president and th first lady bolt ear and pthe first lady cast their ballots early. joe biden will join him later on in. >> he hit crucial states yesterday attacking president obama. he stated that since he is a businessman he is able to track and tackle different things. >> they set out 310,000 vote
6:38 am
by mail ballots. hundred and 85,000 of them have already been counted. be extra careful filling out your ballots and any of them that are with errors will not become a. >> astronauts on the space station will get a chance to votes. they will be able to fill out through e-mail and day are able to send their ballots back through e-mail. these are just some of the stories we are covering thank you for watching our 24 around the bay new news.
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>> ballots and contra costa county is already being counted. they sent out boats by mail and by monday night they counted 185,000 of
6:40 am
them. if you do have a male in ballot you do have to give them before 8:00 p.m.. be careful when you fill out its cannot have any damages or errors on it. we have to remake this ballot if its is torn or if it is to buy the machine during >> the county wants to remind you that it is 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> election officials in new jersey and new york are taking measures so that people there can vote despite being impacted by super storms and. just look at the damage. this is back after math and all of this debris is still there. a lot of people are having problems getting to their polling area. they have ballots delivered to
6:41 am
emergency areas where people there could still votes. you do not have to go to the one that you have been designated to do to the storm. >> will take a quick break at 6:41 a.m.. people here are lining up all around the block to cast their ballot. we are seeing a decent turnout. we are roughly 20 minutes away from the polls opening up here in california. the dow is up 72 at we will be visiting with rob black to breakdown the numbers on wall street.
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>> is 6:44 a.m.. >> we are 16 minutes away from our polls opening. the vote teen has already opened up in other parts of the country. here is video that
6:45 am
we've received from east. there are long lines in florida and ohio. this is miami today, florida and president obama is spending his election day in his hometown of chicago. mitt romney has a few campaign stops before he heads to spend the night in boston. >> the other big story that we are following is the record breaking weather. >> the dow jones is up by 70 points. rob black is now joining us. >> this is something that we started to look at on wall street yesterday. the only thing that we can do is europe. greek and boats
6:46 am
are on top and germany is in a recession. this seems to be the only negative thing hanging over. >> we had home sells up by 5% from september 2011 to september 2012. >> when you read the story is all about foreclosures and foreclosures pushed prices so low. house and will be the biggest story for next year and you and i will say that our house has gone up in value. the economy will look better net share in stabilization is helping the housing market
6:47 am
turned the corner. when the housing market turns the corner then we take out loans and go to law olowes. >> it does give us a perception of felling better. >> what about freddie mac? >> we saw hundred 70 million taxpayer dollars the rescued freddie mac. they made $2.9 million and they are not requesting any more federal money. i think this is a good story. a lot of people have refinanced their mortgage. as far as funding those it is nice but they have a lost so much money. we're not looking at this as
6:48 am
a financial story but a social one. this should help the economy pair i like this story but financially the stock market--when you give someone so much money when they do good refinancing people. >> we will go out to a live picture of the james bell, wisconsin. paul ryan is casting his valid and you concede with his children. this is the scene at the we have seen repeated with president obama early on. we saw joe biden this morning and we also saw mitt romney about an hour or go. the gop vice president paul ryan is casting his vote. we will continue to follow everything on this election day. w about 12 minutes away from san our polls opened up right here in
6:49 am
california. >> for every one casting their ballots early we do have locations that are sitting in the upper '40's. once again record-breaking temperatures are on staff for today. and other data over 70's to mid 80's and as we take a look at the numbers out the door is 55 degrees in mountain view. satellite and radar shows the high pressure is still in control but we are still seeing clear skies. with that we will see sunny skies and future cast 4 states that tend to 3:00 was the '70s and '80s. as we had to 8:00 p.m. the green on the screen would indicate that we will see 60's. a cool down is in store and was the fog return.
6:50 am
>> check out downtown san francisco at 77 degrees. it will be 80 in fairfield and another one day just a coo. it will be 71 degrees for monterey. sunny skies will prevail and it will be 73 degrees for the pacifica. the kron 4 are around the that forecast shows that cooler conditions will be for tomorrow and thursday and friday you may need your umbrella spread it will be light and nature but it will be pretty wide spread. saturday and sunday will be dry and there will be morning fog. it is now 6:50
6:51 am
a.m. that was your weather. >> the backup was at the bay bridge and it hasn't grown about 50 minutes ago right after 6:00 a.m.. the meter lights were activated. for the san mateo bridge we may see some really bad traffic. it is just an 11 minute drive time at this time. the golden gate bridge is still a pretty good ride and we will update the traffic maps in ione a moment. to the east shore freeway has picked up and the moderate to heavy conditions are for 80 westbound and 680 south bound. heavy traffic is for hayward and we are picking
6:52 am
up heavy traffic for highway 1 01. the north bay commute has cleared up and it is heavy now at highway 37 and the drive time to the golden gate bridge from nevada is still under 25 minutes. >> the time now the sixth 50 2:00 a.m. and we are just minutes away from the polls opening up on election day. we will be right back here with more of our coverage.
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don't do it. don't eat my face... do not eat my... you ate his face?! >> we are back with our forecast. this will be a another warm day in the mid '80s. it will begin to get
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cooler as we head into tomorrow and the end of the week. we will give back took november weather. the bread of maybe a shower or two. we will have a full breakdown in just a few minutes. vice president joe biden. >> this always it kicked and it is always just to people out here. i hope everyone exercise their right to vote. if this is a great honor and a lot of people are standing in long lines but she should stand in line as long as you have to. i am filling pretty good. >> this was of course a joke by and talking to was after he cast his vote. delaware is the polls that are needed to get the white house. they
6:57 am
have voted for the-- >> thfirst this is a tie in this tiny town. this is in and fix avail because there are only 10 and residents. it was a 10 tie 5 to 5 tie 5 to >> we will have a live report from chicago where the president is. s seventh 3:00 p.m. we will have michael yaqui here to talk
6:58 am
about the pits and bombs in the road. we will talk about proposition 38 and the one that governor brown is voting on. we will be right back.
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